Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Quilt

I made this for the graphic designer at work. She finished up chemo and got a new job, so I figured I'd whip up a quick quilt for her. She loves Halloween. I used a fabric panel to make the piecing go quickly.
The back is pieced as well. I used some fat quarters in halloween colors.The ghost print on the edges glows in the dark! I didn't know that!

My guild buddy, Frank did the awesome quilting. It's breathtaking! I think he had fun making this quilt sing. Or maybe scream is more appropriate. I know I was squealing when I saw his quilting. Wow.

See the witch?

I even labeled it!

Since I've been working crazy hours and doing stuff on the weekends, a few of our dinners have looked like this. Luckily I have an understanding crew.


  1. The quilting is incredible...I love the bats! Could there be a more perfect Halloween quilt label? I think not.

  2. FABULOUS quilt . . . hope she LOVES it!

  3. wonderful quilt, great gift. I'd be thrilled to have that for dinner...


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