Saturday, September 26, 2015

Goodbye Summer!

Playing with my gigantic bag of selvages. They always make me happy! I'm sporting two oven burns, so these will come in handy.

Here are the backs. Hot!

Another finish! It's just a mini, but it was fun. This will hang in a local library as part of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild display.

More finishes! Another pot holder and an eyeglass case for gifts.

These bright blocks are for the Quiltcon 2016 charity quilt project. I'm in a group with six other Modern Quilt Members from around the country. Together we're making improv sampler blocks from traditional block patterns. I went with a food theme (surprise). Churn dash and broken dishes. The little ones are just thrown together.

Our guild is making a quilt as well, so I'll get to play with these fabrics again!

I found some fresh mullet and smoked it on my charcoal grill. It was so good. I've got to get more. I'll have the fish monger butterfly them next time. I butchered these poor guys. AT least they removed the heads and guts. Inspector Gadget was freaking out. His idea of fish is made by some married lady named Paul and found in the freezer section.

Have you been eating avocados this summer? The Haas versions have been so cheap. I got the Inspector addicted to them! He never ate them before, but now he can't get enough of them. I made the salad caprese for Hollywood and then threw on the avocado for oomph. So good.

Off to play with selvages. Wheeeee! Happy Saturday!

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  1. Happy Saturday Michele! Nice to see you blogging again. Those improv blocks for the QuiltCon charity quilt are fantastic. Enjoy the weekend!


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