Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Funny, ha, ha!

Do you need a laugh today?

I stumbled across this adorable collection of illustrations a father created of his toddler's sayings. Oh my gosh, I forget how funny little kids are.

Sorry to see Mad Men end. Being in the ad biz myself, I enjoyed seeing how advertising was done mid-century. It's still exactly the same. Ha!  This finale recap is hilarious. It was written by someone who had never seen the show. Warning: SPOILER ALERT.


  1. love love that Don't Lick Your Boss. I would totally frame it and hang it on a wall. And the goofy recap of Mad Men. I agree with him on so many things. This sh*t is slow. Count me as unhappy overall with the finale - but very happy with/for Peggy and Steggy.

  2. Thanks for the link to all the cute sayings - they're hilarious! :D


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