Monday, February 9, 2015

Quilt Museum

The quilt shop in Trenton, Florida was really cute, but Inspector Gadget found this quilt museum while riding his bike down the country roads. Once we were done with shopping and lunch, the Inspector came back and we went to the museum.

The museum is a huge log cabin building filled with quilts, antiques and handcrafted items for sale. It's darling. We were the only two visitors, but the ladies running the place were so funny and friendly. There are feral cats on the back side of the wrap-around porch. We spooked them by accident and they took off!
There was so much to see. They specialize in "rescuing" quilts from families that don't appreciate their relative's talents. Several of these antique quilts were saved from the landfill. I know. Horrors!

I almost bought this one. $50 for a twin size. It had silks and fun colors. Gorgeous.

They had plenty of sewing machines as well.

My last name is Lancaster. The Inspector had to show me how to hold a sickle. I haven't cut a lot of grain in my lifetime. Ha!

I hope you enjoyed a bit of the museum. I could have stayed there all day!


  1. My cousin put a double wedding ring in a rummage sale when his dad died. Thank goodness my mom was there to rescue it. Some people just don't appreciate the work that goes into quilts. His grandma had made it for her daughter, who had passed previously. I have it now. It needs some repair.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, a fun adventure.

  2. Hahaha to you and your Correctional Institution photo. Oregon is the home of the infamous Prison Blues blue jeans..made by inmates. Now, if your shops sold Lancaster Correctional ones, you'd be in (them!) We own an antique sickle and my husband actually inherited a modern and therefore useable, s(c)ythe. Shape of the blade marks the differential between the two. One of my daughter's owns a Japanese hand of the line. They are all lethal weapons! We are dangerous enough with a rotary cutters ;-)


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