Monday, December 29, 2014


And snap, just like that, the holidays are over. I found Mr. Elf while tidying up my studio. He had fallen from the wall clock and rolled under a stool. I guess Hollywood's "tick tock, tick tock" clue was quite literal. He hung with sock monkey for a few days and today I spotted him hanging from a small Christmas tree. The guy gets around.

I printed these paper pieced Santas out before the holidays, but never had time to whip one up. He's kind of cute, isn't he? To get the pattern, visit the talented Imagine Gnats. I used a sunny yellow background because it was 84 degrees for our holidays. It's still hot three days later. I could use some snow. For a day. At least it was nice out to grill the holiday ham and turkey. That's my idea of fun!

I'm all caught up with the lite version of Quiltville's Grand Illusion mystery. Linky party here. I'm only making half the pieces, so I'll end up with a smaller quilt. Bonnie suggested it as an option, so I'm sure it will work. I almost had enough spare time to go back and make all the units, but I came to my senses. I've enjoyed being with family, cooking, baking, and relaxing. My spice cabinet still didn't get cleaned.

During a cleaning spell, I dumped all the trimmed triangles in my triangle box. I'll deal with those later, or maybe that box will fall into the trash. It's a culmination of many binding miters, and stitch and flip units. Eight years in fact.

Also during the cleaning/organizing/put crap away, people are coming for Christmas preparations, I unearthed a chunk of fabric I can use for a backing. Buying scraps, fat quarters, and one-yard cuts can really bite you in the butt when you want to use your stash for a backing. I think someone gave me the light green floral print on the very right. It's cute and will work perfectly. Flowers go with pirate skulls and Peter Rabbit, right?


  1. OK, has Mr. Elf got a co-conspirator hanging around the house? Mr. Santa is really cute. Great job keeping caught up!

  2. Don't through out the triangles..... I would love to have them......Would you mail them to Canada???

    1. Terry, I have some fabric scraps that need a good home if you want them...

  3. Nice to find a good backing fabric. I have the same problem, as I usually only buy smaller cuts of fabric. You'll probably have a dozen people offering to take those off-cuts now!

  4. Cute Santa and nice progress on your Grand Illusion quilt. It sure feels great to clean and organize (especially fabric!) and I'll be doing the same this weekend. Happy new year!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Michele! Love that Santa block...need to pin that for future reference. Enjoy the cleaning and organizing process. Always a good feeling when it's done. Happy New Year!!!

  6. glad to see I'm not the only one to say noooooo don't throw away the triangles. keep them or give them away, darnit.


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