Monday, December 15, 2014

Quiche Love

I started my weekend with a quiche. I'm the only big fan of quiche around here, but a few eat it. I wish they'd just leave it all for me! This version had spinach, bacon, red onion, tomato and sharp cheddar. Egg and milk too!

I use the refrigerated pie crusts a lot. They're so convenient and for some reason, pie crusts seem so labor intensive. They're not, but for a quick pie or quiche, I like the refrigerated crusts. The best part about quiches is that you can add anything you like. Obviously, I like a lot of stuff.

I finished part two of the Quiltville mystery yesterday afternoon. Part three is already up and I plan to get my cutting done on those units this week. The part three units look like lots of fun! I can't wait to get them pieced!

These little triangles were waste from part two.

Hmmm...they're pretty cute, but I'll try to refrain for now.

Linking up with the other mystery quilters right here. Sometimes the best party about these mysteries is the "drama." Cracks me up every time. Quilters are passionate people! Ha!


  1. I'm glad to see someone else is using the came colors as Bonnie. That black polka dot on white is eye-catching. At first I saw the photo of the quiche and thought, "How interesting that the quilter has put all of her scraps into a pie crust and made it look like a quiche." AND then after reading your blog, I realized it really was a quiche! I, too, love quiche, but the colors of the snips of fabrics really would look cute somewhere, either in a piecrust or a jar to decorate a shelf as a reminder. Your units look just like Bonnie's!

  2. Wonderful colors. I'll come over for quiche anytime, I am the only one around this house that cares for it too! To me it makes a great meal.

  3. Love your mystery fabrics! The quiche looks delicious!

  4. The quiche is looking fantastic and you are quite right about the "handiness" of the premade crusts. You GI fabric choices look great.

  5. Looking good - both the quiche and the quilt

  6. Pretty fabrics, and a colourful quiche!

  7. Love the b&w fabric with the commas. It's so YOU


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