Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stash #85

College Boy is trying to kill me. Like I don't worry enough as it is.

Tried a little curved piecing with Sew Take a Hike's undies block. I need to make more of these.

I think I got my fill of the pineapple block. Fun, but not all that exciting. Maybe I'll come back to them.

I had a little fun at my LQS. They always have the best sales.

Happy November! Turkey Day is coming up. I made a turkey breast last week to have sandwich meat. I brined it first and then roasted it. It was really good. Our favorite sandwich is turkey, cranberry sauce, and mayo on toast. We call them "Uncle Eddie" sandwiches because guess who told us about them?

Have a great week! I'm off to sew!


  1. That undies block would spice up one of those clothesline quilts. I can just see it.

  2. that undies block is really cute. love the fabric - not surprised to see the food... oooh, please instructions for making the turkey breast. I knew you could brine the whole bird, didn't realize you could do smaller bits. oh, and the pineapple block(s) would be fun in an orphan/crumb quilt.


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