Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stash #84

Whee! Did I ever have fun. There were sales, pretty fabrics, no will power. And I have plans for every piece I bought. Yeah, right.

Have you ever ordered from Form & Fabric? They wrap everything up so pretty. I almost kept everything wrapped up, but I wanted to pet it.

Monsters and orange, what's not to love? The green fabric has words and monsters. Also a winner!

Bold and beautiful.

Echino love. I've been collecting little snippets of this fabric line for a while now.

 Kaffe. Swoon.

Don't those muffins look yummy?

Cameras and ties.

 Gingham and polkas. I'm weak.

Batiks are so pretty. I can't resist them. Especially when they put giraffes on them. What? Stop that fabric people. How about wiener dog?

I found a boatload of fresh green beans at the produce market. I decided to try to pickle some. These are just refrigerator pickles. Boil vinegar, water, and salt and add spices. Cool mixture and pour over cleaned and trimmed beans. One day I might learn to can. It looks like fun.

Ooh, they are good. That little habanero pepper made them a bit spicy. Very tangy and crunchy too. Bet they would be good in a Bloody Mary.

I roasted the rest of the green beans with onion, red pepper, and bacon. The icky looking things on the right are raw chicken livers. I love grossing everyone out with those. "So what are you making us for dinner, Michele? Oh, just some chicken livers and ham and bananas hollandaise. Actually, I've been meeting more people that like chicken livers. And there are recipes galore. So many more I want to try. And if you want an easy, breezy hollandaise for your ham wrapped bananas, this one is excellent and doesn't require a blender.

I was smoking/grilling chicken wings on the grill with apple wood chips, so I threw these babies on the hot part of the coals and grilled them. They're marinated in soy sauce and tossed in a lemon, garlic, butter, parsley sauce after they cook. Here's the recipe if you're game. They were delicious. I ate the leftovers cold. Bones liked them too.

Happy Fall!


  1. Did all of those fabrics come from Form and Fabric? They are great - especially the giraffe batiks. I'm surprised to learn you don't can...yet.

  2. Your beans look yummy - I could always leave the pepper out. I too, love chicken livers, but I never buy them - he won't eat any. He just does not know how much I give up for him.
    I have some of those same fabrics. I know I've got the red with orange (big) dots. Good for you to have a shopping spree.

  3. wheee, fun fabric. those beans sound delicious but I don't know about the livers. I'd try it if you made them for me...


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