Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Silliness

Look at this patient doggie. Bones would eat someone, or definitely run away.

The summer tomatoes are fading fast. That was quick, but it is fall. I even felt a little cool in the air this morning. We're having a rainy weekend, so I'm enjoying inside time. My kids inhale pico de gallo. I make huge batches of it and they eat it on everything. I like to mash an avocado and add some pico for quickie guacamole. One kid will eat guac, but the picky eater would rather die. I keep holding out for him to get over his picky stage, but so far, no good. Eat a bean, for crying out loud!

Hollywood's charge came over to swim last weekend and we made cookies afterward. Hollywood told him he could only have one cookie, so we solved that little problem by making a cookie bigger than his head. Besides, oatmeal raisin cookies are practically health food. Except for the butter and sugar. I didn't let him eat the gigantic cookie, but he thought it was hilarious and took it home to share with his family.

Picky eater does like spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs were the size of tennis balls. I get bored making meatballs too! Much quicker to make 12 large meatballs versus 36 small ones. I hate frying stuff, so I always par-bake my meatballs on a broiler pan until they're brown. Then I drop them in the sauce and let them simmer.

Do you eat your salad touching other parts of your meal? I always have. I think it's a French thing. We ate salad every night growing up and no one offered me a salad bowl. Even Inspector Gadget has graduated from pre-dinner salad bowls to adding his salad to his plate. I like when the vinaigrette mixes with everything.

Spider web block progress. I think I'm done piecing these. I can't remember how many I needed, but I think I did the math correctly. I really enjoyed the haphazard scrap piecing on these. And they busted my scraps quite a bit.

Stack 'em up. Now to violently tear the foundation papers off of them. It'll be a fun mess. I used a shorter stitch length, so it shouldn't take too long. I'm guessing a couple of "Snapped" episodes or one Lifetime movie.

I have paper piecing paper I've purchased, but this ancient onionskin works well too. I think I bought this huge box of legal sized Strathmore onion skin at an estate sale years ago. I use it for tracing paper and small sewing patterns too.

This paper is probably older than all of us, but it's still bright white and works like a charm. Off to rip...

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  1. what a good dog - loved the video. I wouldn't be able to do that to any of my cats either. Recipe for your meatballs and sauce? I'm so lazy I never end up making meatballs - just brown the ground beef and throw it right in the sauce. love the spiderweb blocks!


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