Saturday, January 4, 2014

Well Hello 2014!

New year, new planner. I've always loved paper products. I tried putting all my appointments online last year, and it just didn't work out for me. I think I need a pretty calendar and the act of writing something down to remember anything. There are some great printable calendars available online. I've been printing them off and hanging them everywhere.

Do you ever buy yourself Christmas presents? This cast iron pot was such a bargain, I had to add it to my cart while online Christmas shopping. It's bitter cold here (72 degrees!), so I'm making bean soup for lunch.

I started the day with a spinach, feta and tomato omelet. I threw fresh oregano into the baby spinach while it sauteed. The Greek flavors are great together. The Inspector had a ham, Swiss, red onion and tomato omelet. I have to sneak in the veggies for some people around here.

We can definitely stand some fruit and vegetables after a few dinners like this. Meat, cheese, and crackers. I did have a bowl of grapes, but we barely ate any. I went a little overboard buying cheese this holiday season. It's all my mom asked for for Christmas, so I bought extra for us. I like buying cheese about as much as I like buying fabric.

Look where silly Bones has taken up residence. Poor little thing has a fluffy pillow bed and a cozy blanket, but he'd rather snooze under my desk among the dust, computer cords, and unfinished quilt projects. I only know he's under there because I can hear him snoring. Goofy.

Off to finish my soup and sew for the rest of today. I hope you're having some fun.


  1. It's going to be cold all week - so I am simmering a huge pot of veggie soup. Mmmm. Except. Now I want cheese...

  2. Bones just wants to be with you. sweet. the food looks yummy, as always. Great cast iron, hideous color. then again, that's probably why you got the great price.

  3. Thanks for the link to all the fun calendars! They will be fun to play with. Still have "Dec." hanging in the office, so it's time for something new.

    Bones needs to be close to you! My kitties hang out in the office when I'm on the computer, and no other time.

    Ha! "72* - freezing cold" My house doesn't even get UP to 72* in the winter! We keep the temp inside at about 67 or 68 is all. Lots of sweatshirts and flannel are used here! We're at freezing tonight (will get colder over-nite). I'm having trouble getting and staying warm, even with long underwear on! I used to live in So. CA so I do understand. I froze when it got down to 65*. Hope you can stay warm - the soup sounds good!

  4. Well, I like the orange/egg yolk color!

    I can't remember when was the last time I did omelets for breakfast...Yours look so very perfect

  5. I always buy myself a Christmas present. Love the bright orange color of yours. Happy new year!


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