Thursday, January 2, 2014

How did this happen?

Twenty two years ago, this little kid came into our lives. You may know him as College Boy, but I won't be able to call him that for long. This kid of mine is smart, sensitive, sarcastic, caring, stubborn and multi-talented. I'm not sure where his sarcasm comes from. *cough*

Not only does he tolerate college by breezing through with great grades, he works full time at one of our theme parks and has been promoted several times. This kid has his nose to the sliding glass door grindstone.

He and his sister Hollywood love the holidays. Doesn't it show? Yes, I still enjoy helping Santa with their stockings. Inspector Gadget just shakes his head, which just fuels me Santa for next year.

Ha! Caught him smiling. My braces investment paid off! His girlfriend is as sweet as they come and my crazy family hasn't scared her off yet. Happy birthday College Boy! Wishing you a lifetime of fun and success. Thanks for being my kid.


  1. Happy birthday to your baby! Such a sweet post. He's probably blushing right now ;-)

  2. If your kids are like mine, they don't read your blog so you can be as embarrassing (I mean sweet) as you like.


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