Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Stash #86

I'm trying to go on a fabric diet this year, but the sales kill me. And the Kona Solids Club from Canton Village Quilt Works. I'm toast. Go say hi to Jackie for me. If you can leave without buying something, you're a better person than me!

Still on an egg kick. I didn't eat many eggs before adulthood, but I'm more than making up for it now. This Spanish preparation of an olive oil fried egg was pretty interesting.

See how the white edges get brown and crispy? They taste really good. Like potato chips. For breakfast. Where's the onion dip?

Finally finished the center part of the Grand Illusion mystery. There's a pieced border that may or may not happen. I have the units pieced, but I'm getting a little bored with this 1,500+ piece quilt. Time for something different. I'll let the top gel and see if I'm up for the borders one day.

Inspector Gadget was nice enough to hold my flimsy for a photo, but he got thread all over himself. Ha! See the basil plant I'm going to kill?

Hope you have a happy and productive week.


  1. Hazards of the job.... I've got threads and snippets that follow me everywhere and jump off all over the and stores, too! I know you have the problem, too.
    Sorry about your plant. It looks great right now.

  2. Surely you won't kill the basil plant?! Love your mystery quilt top. That came together fast. I'll be checking in to see what you decide regarding the borders.

  3. great fabric though, you deserve it. I've made a vow to not buy any fabric this year and woohoo, I've managed to not break it for a whole 26 days. only one slice of bacon? who are you, anyway? a new basil plan? thought you'd have that old one forever. quilt looks great!

  4. Your quilt is lovely. You may be tired of piecing but go ahead and put the border on..... in five years you will be glad you did. No need to do it in a week, but a little here and there will see the end. Ask me how I know.

  5. ooo - I love the fabrics in your top - the tones pull the shimmer off so perfectly. :D Let it sit as long as you want before coming back to the border - you'll be ready to put on units that are already finished after a break.


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