Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend Fun

It was a fun sewing weekend. I made three wagon wheel blocks to go with the ones I won at the guild lotto. That's seven blocks toward a quilt. These blocks go together easily with chain piecing. Two more and I should be bored with them. Story of my quilt life.

I found gorgeous jalapeno peppers at the market. They were so pretty they looked fake. My grapefruit spoon works like a charm to remove the seeds and ribs, which is where most of the heat is. I've done this by hand and cannot recommend. Spent one evening too many gripping ice cubes. Get a grapefruit spoon. And wear gloves if you don't work with peppers a lot.

Inspector Gadget and I had fun emptying my cheese drawer for the peppers and shrimp and then wrapping everything in bacon. I wanted to grill these, but the cheese would not have cooperated. I made a butter, wine and spice sauce to drizzle on before baking. Because cheese needs butter and wine.

Here you go. Out of the oven. They were yum. The jalapeno peppers get milder when cooked. Our local hangout serves the shrimp with jalapeno, cheese and bacon. I can't get enough of them, but I think our version was better.

More spider webs blocks using my scraps. I always think fabric scraps multiply during the night, but I can actually see a bit of a dent in mine. What?

Have a great week!


  1. Love the wagon wheels but I'm salivating over the shrimp dish. Did you just throw it all in the pan willy nilly and bake?

  2. You know someone who loves to get the blocks you are bored with! I can make a few more blocks and have a nice donation quilt!
    Love the spider web blocks. And I have lots of scraps. Thanks for reminding me about these.

  3. I'll admit I wasn't that crazy about the wagon wheel block (which is why I didn't make one) but when I saw how they look when put together with others, now I wish I had!

  4. Those are great wagon wheel blocks!


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