Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cheesy Goodness

Orlando Modern Quilt Guild gals with Carolyn Friedlander at Bok Tower in central Florida. The ornate musical tower is part of a 50-acre garden donated to the American people by Edward Bok. Carolyn's gorgeous quilts were on display in the visitor center and a group of us met up to socialize and tour the gardens. We had a delicious lunch at the cafe and walked the grounds. So many beautiful flowers and plants. The gardenias were so fragrant. I told my bush at home to get with the program or I was getting my ax.

I popped into Whole Foods to get a few things. I wish we had one closer to my house. Central Florida is getting a couple Trader Joe's and I'm excited. They won't be close by either, but I'll make the trip for fun groceries. The blood orange soda was really good. RIP dill plant. Three days, people.

I bought $900 worth of cheese.

Only spent $200 on olives. I felt like I was shopping in France. It was Memorial Day weekend so Whole Foods was hoppin'. I still managed find all kinds of fun foods.

This was dinner for me one night. Might be lunch today.

Lightening struck our neighbor's tall tree last weekend. We were sitting inside and heard the loud strike. What a mess. Blew that tree to smithereens. We're expecting more storms this afternoon.

I tried this spinach, tomato egg bake this morning.

Delicious! It's easy and you can bake it until the eggs are to your liking. I like them runny.

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  1. Ah, how fun to hang with Carolyn Friedlander and stroll a beautiful garden. But my eyes lit up at the olives since I happen to be eating cheese while reading your post. Unexpected Cheddar from Trader Joe's to be exact. What a treat for you when they open nearby!


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