Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Stash #81

It all started with this kitchy food print a little instigator brought to my attention. That, and I'm a sucker for food prints.

I mean, who can resist anthropomorphic foods? Me, that's who. I sure love Mr. and Mrs. Chick-n-corn.

Red and white gingham My favorite color combo for gingham, but I'll take gingham in any color.

Bacon. I had this bacon print, but this is what happens when you shop away from your fabric stash. And you're hungry. And out of bacon. At least I have fabric bacon.

These kettle grills look familiar too, but so far I haven't unearthed a piece of it in my stash. Maybe I've just seen it in a fabric shop in the past.

Kind of a small haul, especially since I haven't bought fabric in eons. It was a fun haul though! Stay tuned, I did a little online shopping last week and received the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller challenge fabric. It's so pretty!


  1. my comment just got eaten. sorry if this is a duplicate.

    hee hee hee, you needed that fabric!

  2. What is that food fabric? It is so ahhdorable!


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