Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little R&R!

Today wasn't as frantic as this week has been. Has it been a long week to anyone? Usually they fly by, but this week is dragging. I was waiting on approvals for jobs that have to be quick printed and that always gets my blood pressure up. I'm a printing snob from way back when we used to do press approvals and the printers bought us expensive dinners! Any hoo, in between design and approval I managed to fit in a few fun things. Love the half-eaten gingerbread man. Make one! He will make you smile!

Black and white Zentangles this morning. These are pretty relaxing. Google Zentangle and get funky with me.

Mini quilt for Amy. Just threw some scraps together. It's 6" x 6".

Here's the back.

Now THIS is a miniature quilt! See what happens when I have time on my hands? You should see my studio! I organized it within an inch of itself! It's still "artsy," but I have organizational issues. Is that ADD or OCD? Probably both. I tend to overindulge in most areas of my life.

That's all I have! I'm making homemade foccacia and heating up leftover spaghetti sauce and killer meatballs. I need to freeze more. I always cook for a crowd and end up tossing the leftovers. More freezing would eliminate the waste. Hope you guys are having a creative day. I can't wait to see what you're creating!


  1. Hey Chele. You look really busy these days!!
    I am amazed to see your zentangle, that is a great drawing. I was hooked with those youtube videos that came up with googling "zentangle", you are geting me distracted again!!! It is a busy time of the year for quilting the Christmas quilts.


  2. That half eaten gingerbread man is so cute. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I can't wait to make one (or several). Now I'm off to google zentangle.

  3. That is a great gingerbread man. I may just have to try that ~ thanks.

  4. Oh my! I just made those gingerbread men ornaments a few days ago! They are so cute and easy. I'm planning on giving them to my daughter and my nieces and nephews at Thanksgiving.

    I read about Zentangles in Cloth Paper Scissors and have to say that I'm intrigued with that as well-guess great minds think alike.

  5. Thanks Michele. I am now addicted to Zentangles. lol. And I hate how I have to read your blog to find out what my best friend is up to. ha ha
    Happy Turkey Day! Loves Ya, K

  6. I LOVE the zentangles! I love art like that - awesome!

  7. LOVE the gingerbread man! lol Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway!


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